Board Mtg Minutes, 9-10-2009

ODSL Executive Board Meeting Minutes

September 10, 2009
Present: Wayne Gardella; Karen Klumpp; Dave Milne; Lisa Wilson (by phone); Laurie Vicente; Tom Lewis; Greg Waldrip
Meeting was called to order at 7:40.
Minutes from the August board meeting (8/6/2009) were reviewed and approved. Minutes from the special meeting held August 30, 2009 were also reviewed. A motion was made to approve the minutes, seconded and approved.
·         All checks were deposited. The statement presented tonight does not include the recent deposit ($300K +).
·         The expenses are primarily from the previous season. The statement is a good indicator of our “neutral” state, showing where the surplus currently stands.
·         Registration has been very busy this season; numerous roster changes have been occurring prior to the first weekend of games. All the registrars are working hard to make sure that everyone is ready to play this weekend.
·         A motion was made to allow a case by case review by the registrar if a player was not released by the deadline due to a registrar’s inaction. The motion was seconded and passed.
Boys Commissioner:  
·         There was one mistake caught in placing teams in divisions. He apologized to the team, but the error was found too late to fix.
·         Next season, the group will try to have a “work” day and help with the establishment of the divisions, in hope to prevent such an error from occurring again. Tentative date is the third week of February.
Girls Commissioner:  Nothing to report.
·     Due to the large number of late initial rosters being submitted, ODSL is considering re-instating the penalty charged to teams for late submission. It is being recommended that the fee be on a sliding scale – the later they submit, the higher the fee, with the fee ranging from $35 to $100. The check will have to be made payable to ODSL and turned in to the registrar. The proposal will include that ½ of the money will go to TOPSoccer, ½ to the registrar. The proposal will be brought to the next Board of Directors meeting.
·     Discussion continued about changing back to trophies (rather than plaques) for the U10 to U12 age groups. Dave showed an example of what the trophy would look like. The board agreed with the new trophy, so Dave will proceed with getting that for the winners of the divisions.
·     We are at 351 teams now for the Fall season. About 367 teams paid.
·     Sit-out notices were sent to the teams that had players owing sit-outs. 
·     Has spent much time with the lawyer to finish the paperwork for the 501(c3). By having this status, it allows our coaches to deduct their expenses, and sets the league up as a charitable organization.
Vice President: 
·         Presented his modifications/clarifications for both the conduct and committee portions of the ODSL Operating Procedures.
Meeting adjourned at 9:45pm.