Board Mtg Minutes, April 2010

ODSL Executive Board Meeting Minutes
April 14, 2010

Present: Randy Martin; Wayne Gardella; Karen Klumpp; Dave Milne; Greg Waldrip

Meeting was called to order at 7:30pm.
Minutes from the March board meeting (3/3/2010) were reviewed. A motion was made to approve the minutes. This motion was seconded and approved. 
Treasurer (presented by Dave):

·         Still have not received a check from one club. Check was mailed but never received.

·         Dave did apply for sales tax exemption this year. This was approved with no problem.

·         Deposit for spring registrations is not reflected on the statement reviewed. 

Registrar (presented by Karen)

·         Lisa is currently in the process of evaluating the database to be used for the 2010-2011 soccer year. It is hoped that this new system will be available in June 2010.

·         Greg brought up a change he would like to see with the YouthLeagues system: He feels it would be nice if VYSA would look at importing the player picture on the website. You could then print out the passes, roster, etc with pictures incorporated. He and Wayne will look at it more in depth and pull together some information for Randy to present at the VYSA meeting.

·         The WRTN Raptors requested a waiver for U11B. They are just under the required amount of age appropriate players. The waiver was granted.

Boys Commissioner:  

·         One issue that has come up over the past couple seasons is that some of the older age groups have to be combined. When U15/U16 are combined, the U15 may have some 13 year olds on it, as players are pulled up to fill a roster. May want to have a meeting with clubs to come up with suggestions on how to keep more age appropriate kids on the roster. More for general discussion than anything else.

·         As a board, we need to be vigilant of instances where sportsmanship ratings may not be reflective of what went on in the game.

Vice President:

·         Two discipline issues game up in the first weekend of games.

·         Winter league: Teams participating generally play 10 games. Mostly premier type teams. Cost is approximately $1300 per season. 


·         Dave sent out an email prior to the beginning of the season reminding refs about how to report scores, timeliness of reporting and the possibilities of assessment. Since that email, Dave has had some referees call and request an assessment. He’s been communicating with the head of the State Referee association about this project. 

·         In that same email to referees, he explained in detail how the sportsmanship scores should be applied (basically, everyone starts off at 0 and goes up or down, depending on behavior during the game).

·         Dave displayed the medallion he is looking at for the player sportsmanship awards.

·         There are still a couple of assignors that are not using the electronic system. The 3% increase is only for those referee assignors that fully utilize our system.

·         Greg recommended some revisions to how the tryout information is posted. Felt it might make it more user friendly for the player looking for a team.

·         Updating our website to the new Demosphere format will cost the league a one-time fee of $500. A motion was made to update the website. It was seconded and passed unanimously.

·         Two teams withdrew from the League after the schedules were reported, causing the schedules to have to be redone.


·         Some of the sportsmanship awards have not yet been picked up.

·         There will be a vote on FASI on 5/2. There will be no debate on the provisional acceptance of the club. It is outside the scope of our charter to consider the reasons for a club forming. We will review the minutes of that meeting. Discussion should be limited to only the criteria on which a club’s acceptance is based:

o   Incomplete application

o   Infrastructure of the club

o   Club in good standing with VYSA

·         The board worked on the agenda for the club rep meeting in May.

·         Positions up for re-election this year will be: President, Registrar.


Next meeting is scheduled for 5/2/2010 at 7:30pm.


Meeting adjourned at 9:45pm