BOD Minutes Jan 2006




Meeting was called to order at 7:32 and roll call made.


November Board meeting minutes were distributed for corrections or discussion.

Gary noted that minutes were accepted.


Treasurer Report The ODSL 2005/2006 Budget financial statement was distributed. Treasurer reported on financial position as of December 31, 2005. No unusual expenses noted for fall 2005 season. Treasurer reported that ODSL had 5,190 players in fall 2005.


Registrar Report Requesting Club Reps make recommendations for a vacant Registrar position. The area impacted by the vacancy is Loudoun County for clubs such as Sterling, Ashburn and Loudoun. Lisa requested that she be contacted with the names of candidates for the position.

Lisa requested that Club Reps distribute registration manuals to their team representatives. Dave demonstrated registration procedures from the ODSL website.

A new club will be participating in the spring 2006. The new club is Tri-County from Martinsburg, WV. Tri-County has arranged to share the fields at Sherando Park in Winchester. Tri-County will field one team in the Spring (U12G) and hopes to field three teams in fall of 2006.  Tri-Countys application to join ODSL was approved. Dave will establish Tri-County into the ODSL database.


Administration Report- Dave Milne

Dave reminded Club Reps that they must approve each team sponsored by their club. Dave referred the Club Reps to the website ( Dave demonstrated the Club Rep page and the capabilities of viewing and approving teams that are playing in the league. Dave recommended that each Rep confirm team information and print team information prior to February 7th.  After the 7th, the information will not be displayed; the information is only available during the application process. New teams will have a team number that begins with A, Dave will issue the permanent OD team number after process is complete and approved. Club Reps should print a copy of the Submitted Team Application page and send with the Club check for all ODSL teams.

All Club payments are due by February 14th. No refunds will be allowed after February 18th of team withdrawals.

Dave also demonstrated the field availability form from the Club Rep page of the website. This will provide information regarding the Field Coordinator, Permit for each field and the order of how to fill the fields on game date.

Club Reps should receive all Team scheduling requests and submit to Dave. Club Reps should complete on-line form so Dave can de-conflict schedules. Both teams numbers need to be on the form as well as the scheduling requesting for the opposing team. Deadline of scheduling requests is February 26, 2006.  Only one scheduling request per team will be honored. Dave will handle direct scheduling requests but wants to have the Club Reps handle and submit scheduling requests for the fall season. Dave indicated that he receives over 180 scheduling request per season.

DC United has offered a new package for Randy Rawls Sportsmanship Award winners. The package will be reviewed by the Executive Board of ODSL.


Discussed referee pay scale and compared to  pay scale of NCSL and WAGS. Both NCSL and WAGS have increased their pay scale for referees. Dave indicated that ODSL had 87% coverage rate of all ODSL games in fall 2005. Dave noted that the de-centralized process of assigning games have worked very well of ODSL. A recommendation was made and was accepted by vote for an increase to referee pay scale. For spring season the following scale will be applied:


U9 & U10       $35.00

U11                 $35.00 for Center/ $20.00 for AR

U12 U14      $40.00 for Center/$20.00 for AR

U15and up      $45.00 for Center/$25.00 for AR


Dave indicated that the Boys and Girls Commissioners will begin work on the division structures after the application process is closed. Any special requests should be sent to Gary and he will forward to commissioners. Gary indicated that teams will not advance to a higher division with less than a .500 record.


No report from either boys or girls commissioner.


Presidents Report


Discussed House Bill ***** and the ramifications of such a bill on the soccer leagues. Encouraged everyone to contact their representatives to discourage the passage of this bill.


Gary discussed the merger of the three soccer leagues in the Southern area of Virginia. Noted that the newly merged league enjoys three voting positions with the VYSA Board. The ODSL has submitted a by-law change to VYSA for representation on the Board. This issue is anticipated to go to vote during the summer of 2006. WAGS and NCSL is believed to support the inclusion of the ODSL representative. Gary noted that 50% of VYSA players are from the Northern district of Virginia and that approximately 80,000 of the 140,000 youths enrolled in soccer in the state are from Northern Virginia.


Gary reported the he has received requests to allow teams from Maryland to join ODSL. The Maryland request would like to be considered under the same circumstances and guidelines that teams from the District of Colombia and West Virginia teams currently play under. Maryland teams would have to be voted on in June for play in the fall of 2006. The Maryland teams would need to establish a relationship to sponsor home games, refs, etc. A motion was made to accept Maryland club applications and the Club Reps would vote for league entrance in June of 2006.


In addition, two clubs (SOCA and Chesterfield??????) that have expressed an interest in ODSL. No serious conversations, just information only at this time.


President reminded each Club Rep that all official team representatives must be registered and carded through VYSA and the Kid Safe program. This includes paid trainers and coaches. These individuals needs to be listed on roster and carded to be on the side lines. VYSA insurance only provides coverage for rostered team officials.


The Club Reps were informed that WAGS has voted to allow U9 & U10 play beginning in the fall 2006. Gary encouraged teams to stay with ODSL. 



Discussion on small-sided games.  A motion was made and was approved by vote to permanently establish U9 and U10 games as 7v7. The McLean Club Rep indicated that McLean favors small-sided games 6v6 at U9 and U10.


A motion was made to reduce the game size for U11 from 11v11 to 8v8. A lengthy discussion was enjoyed with discussions in favor of each side of this issue. The motion was second and was approved in vote by 257 to 56. It was approved with the recommendation that the Executive Board research and consider the appropriate field size for U10s and U11s. The Board agreed to research and consider the appropriate field size and goal size for the U11, 8v8 games. The reduction to a 8v8 game for U11s will begin with the fall 2006 play. In addition, the Board noted that no ARs would be assigned to the smaller sized U11 games.


There was additional discussion regarding the merits of reducing the U12 games to 8v8. This discussion did not go to vote.



New Business:


A waiver was requested from the VSA Club Rep for entrance of a U8 boys team to participate in the U9 boys division for the spring. The team plans to play in NCSL in the fall of 2006. The waiver was not granted.


A request for waiver was made by Burke Club Rep. Requested a waiver for a 6 yr old to be allowed to join a U9G team. The waiver was not granted.


VYS Club Rep requested a waiver for a third team for a U9G team. Waiver was granted.


Mid-County Club Rep requested a waiver for a third team for a U13B team. Waiver was granted.


VYS raised a new item for discussion. Indicated that a Thanksgiving tournament was last date of ODSL rain date and wanted consideration to allow more flexibility in rescheduling rainouts. Dave discussed the 72 hour rule allowing teams to manage and coordinate the rescheduled games.


A Club Rep made a recommendation to consider a Maryland team request on a case-by-case basis. Discussion recognized the fact that it would benefit the older age groups to provide additional competition and opportunity to play as the high school soccer seasons are opposite fall and spring seasons.


Discussion regarding actions discouraging teams from running up the scores in U9 and U10 games. Gary made a recommendation that if a team is up by four goals or more the opposing team may add an additional player to the field. Goals Against would need to be eliminated as a tie breaker in the U10 age group. Club Reps indicated that they would like to be notified of teams from their club running up the scores.


The meeting was adjourn at 10:05.