Brd Mtg Minutes, August 2009


ODSL Executive Board Meeting Minutes


August 6, 2009


Present: Randy Martin; Wayne Gardella; Karen Klumpp; Dave Milne; Lisa Wilson; Laurie Vicente; Tom Lewis; Greg Waldrip

Meeting was called to order at 7:30.

Minutes from June board meeting (6/25/2009) were reviewed and passed with amendments.

President: Nothing to report.




·         No new financial information available at this time. The year-end questionnaire from the accountant has arrived, so Dave and Laurie will be working on that.


·         Registration is going quite well. Club reps are doing a great job reviewing packets.

Boys Commissioner

·         We have an age group now that has 5 divisions

·         The U14 age group is a bit smaller than before. 

·         We have 13 U9 boys teams signed up.

·         Continue to emphasize that any requests go into the comments field of the application. Makes it available and fair to everyone completing the application.

·         A U16 team would like to add a player that ages out at U18. The roster has already been completed, though, so a U18 player may not be rostered to that team.

·         In looking toward next season, instead of having just U15/U16, U16/U17, have a high school division. It would consist of teams U16 and above. A motion was made to create a boys U16 through U19 “High School Division” starting in Spring 2010. The decision to use the ages U16 through U19 (and not U15) is due to the fact that we are able to field U15, and it would be nice to keep them separate if possible. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

Girls Commissioner:  

·         Received several requests to move down, not up.

·         A team applied for 6v6 (only one to apply). He has only 9 players. Would like to know if ODSL would allow teams to play against him in a small-sided game during the season. ODSL cannot make this happen in any reasonable format. The team will be given a full refund.

·         With academy systems – if teams are moving players within their teams, then the rankings from last year are not as applicable. This could somewhat be handled by gathering more information from the club rep. Ask them to let the competition committee know of any information which will aid in placing the teams. The club rep could let the committee know if (a) they recommend moving a team up or down; (b) why they feel this would be the best move for this team. Any information that will assist in placement would be considered.

·         Tom received assistance from Tom Yanosky (HERN club rep) which was greatly appreciated!

·         There was a team that had concern about their placement in the ODSL structure after being relegated out by WAGS. Discussion continued about how the division structure is created. For the most part, teams which are relegated out, and on the wait list for WAGS, are placed together in the bottom division in order to give them good competition. When reviewing the structure, the committee felt comfortable with the status of divisions 2 and 3. However, they felt a couple additional stronger teams were necessary for division 1. Thus, two of those teams were moved into D1. One was not on the wait list and the other was pretty far down on the list.

·         Had a request by a team to be moved down 2 divisions, and move up a sister club to division 1. The committee spoke with the club rep to determine what his/her opinion in order to ensure the teams were in the correct division.


·         No problems with the EPIC new fields. Dave now has the necessary field permits.

·         Dave showed the board the coach’s trophy for Randy Rawls award.

·         ODSL is looking at trophies instead of plagues for the U9-U12 age groups.

·         Plaques will continue to be used for the U13 and above age groups.

·         The new referee game report card was reviewed. There is now a guideline included for the sportsmanship ratings (+2 excellent, +1 good, 0 average, -1 poor, -2 unacceptable).

·         The question was brought up about where the teams start on the sportsmanship ratings: at 0, and can go up or down? At +2 and only go down? It was agreed that you start at 0 (average).

·         We have a total of 357 teams playing in Fall 2010.

·         Randy Rawls winners have been notified. The majority of the teams are returning winners. About 70% of the teams voted on this award. Four teams would have won if they had voted. Again, we encourage all teams to vote at the end of each season!

·         The preseason meeting will be 8/30/09 at Battlefield High School. Registration will begin at 6:30pm, with the new team meeting beginning at 7:00.

Vice President: 

·         Chair of the conduct committee can be the conduct committee. The name of the conduct committee has been changed to Rules & Discipline. The information will be reviewed at the 9/10/2009 meeting.

VYSA Representative

·         At the AGM, VYSA approved up to a $1 increase in registration fee for Fall 2010. They are anticipating an insurance increase. 


Meeting adjourned at 9:45pm.