Brd Mtg Minutes, March 2009

ODSL Executive Board Meeting Minutes
March 12, 2009

Present: Randy Martin (by speaker phone); Wayne Gardella; Karen Klumpp; Dave Milne; Tom Lewis; Greg Waldrip; Lisa Wilson; Paul O’Connell

Meeting was called to order at 7:30.

Minutes from February board meeting (2/4/2009) were approved pending modification that the VIST and VBSC club representative was in attendance. 


·         The ongoing litigation was discussed.

·         Clarification of provisional rosters and the upside/downside. They are usually only used for the HS age groups when 2 teams are literally falling apart and they want to merge in order to play for that season. It’s a way of getting around the 5 person transfer rule. They are not issued very often. It is up to the president of the league as to whether or not the provisional roster is approved. Once approved, Lisa can set it up in YouthLeagues.



·         Will process checks tonight and deposit in the bank Friday. Teams did a great job submitting the vouchers with their check, outlining which teams have paid.

·         Dave suggested we consider moving more of our funds out of Bank of America into United or another bank as a means of continuing protection of the money. FDIC protects funds to $250000. Thus, this move is not because of any ongoing concern, just due diligence.


·         Lisa heard back from Kingstown. They are interested in playing in the Fall of 2009. The next membership meeting will be in June. They will need to be voted in by the membership at that meeting.

·         There have been a lot of issues about team managers not understanding how to process roster changes. We are encouraging all team managers to utilize the Roster Change Checklist which can be found under “Registration Procedures” on the ODSL website.

Boys Commissioner: Nothing to report. 
Girls Commissioner:  Nothing to report.

·         SYC requested that the U14B Barcelona team, which moved to them from OSC, be permitted to allow admission to ODSL. This would place 9 teams in D1.

·         We have 340 teams that have paid either the $75 fee or full fee. Will play with 328-333 teams. This is much higher than during the Spring 2008 season, when we had 285 teams.

·         Small-sided boys: Currently, there are 3 teams. Dave sent out an email to club reps looking for another small-sided team. The girls had 6 teams, but 1 team dropped out today.

·         Dave showed an example of the plaques to be awarded at the end of the season. Board approved the example.

·         Continued on-going discussion of sportsmanship ratings. They are requesting that guidelines be used on how to use the rating program. The issue comes in that some referees consider “0” is an average game, while others consider “2” to be an average game.

·         A review was also performed of attendance at ODSL Club Rep meetings. There are several teams which have not attended several of the past meetings. Attendance at the meetings will continue to be reviewed.

Vice President: Nothing to report.
VYSA Representative

·         The state association is moving forward in hiring an executive director. 

·         VYSA in process of constructing its own field facility. This facility is in Fredericksburg. This facility is to be used for coaching instruction, training of players, etc.


Meeting adjourned at 9:55pm.