Brd Mtg Minutes Nov 2008

ODSL Exec. Board Meeting Minutes
November 13, 2008
Present: Randy Martin, Paul O’Connell, Tom Lewis, Greg Waldrip, Karen Klumpp, Dave Milne
Meeting called to order at 7:40 PM
Taxes have been filed. No majors bill out as of the statement shown at the meeting. The ballpark figure for amount due to referees is $110,000 - $115000, and $10,000 - $12,000 to assignors. Trophies are a little over $22,000. All trophies have been shipped out except for those divisions which will be determined November 15-16. There were charges of approximately $4000 for the lawyer who handled filing updated paperwork for 501( c). This paperwork was filed 10/15/2008. Legal fees for private lawyer have been about $700 / month for review thus far. The CD is up for renewal – it was determined that there is no reason not to roll over in same bank as it currently resides. 
Boys Commissioner
Greg discussed the sportsmanship scores. There were only two teams with negative scores. He requested that we remind clubs that comments/complaints/information must come through club reps.
Girls Commissioner
Discussion was held regarding a U15 girls game. Both teams appeared at the time/place for a rescheduled match. However, another event had control of the field and would not yield the field to the soccer game. A forfeit was awarded to the away team based on the information available to the Board.
VYSA Representative
The VYSA Annual Workshop will be in January 2009. This year, it will be held in Northern Virginia.   Requested that we let him know if there are any questions or concerns that he needs to take to the state meeting next week.
Dave addressed comments received about the rating system. Eliminating the weekly score seems to be a way of appeasing most of the people who have made comments.   A motion was made to remove the single week sportsmanship score and only display the average. The motion was seconded and passed, 4-1.
Complaint about trophies – two teams were disappointed that they got plaques instead of trophies. It is much easier to handle plaques – we are able to get them to the teams sooner, and they are delivered directly to the team. The team no longer needs to find time to meet up with the age group coordinator to pick up the awards. There was some discussion of alternate awards for the oldest teams. Many of them are heading off to college and may want something other than a trophy or plaque .
It was suggested that we donate the past trophies that still remain in the storage unit to TopSoccer. 
Referees will be paid next week, if they sent in all their cards or entered it on line.
Karen will pull together a list displaying the attendance of all clubs at the Club Rep meetings.
Randy Rawls awards nominations are coming in. The deadline is 12/1/2008. The Board discussed the possibility of submitting the nominees online in the future.
It was suggested that a couple testimonials from the 6v6 teams be placed on the website. Among the four teams, there were 108 goals scored and all the sportsmanship ratings were +2!! We would like to market the program better to club presidents and club reps. 
Since the VYSA Workshop is being held in Northern Virginia this year, we will look into the possibility of holding our Club Rep meeting there in January. A motion was made that the ODSL pay the registration fee for any club rep that is wanting to attend and whose club is not already paying for it. The motion was seconded. We encourage all club reps to attend the meeting and the Workshop!
The meeting was adjourned at 9:15 PM.