Club Pass Player Rules and Form

ODSL Has Made Significant Changes to the Club Pass Rule for Spring 2017

To download the Rules and the Club Pass Player Game Day Form CLICK HERE


ODSL Game Day Use of Club-Pass Players


In order to use a club-pass player, the ODSL Club Pass Player Game Day Form MUST be completed and provided to the opposing manager.  The information entered on the form must reflect the player’s true team.  This form does NOT take the place of any normal check-in procedures with the referee. 


Note to team officials: Teams will forfeit any match in which they play an ineligible player, fail to properly document a player on the Club Pass Player Game Day Form, or fail to provide the Game Day Form to the opposing team prior to the match. Team officials are subject to additional sanctions imposed by the Rules and Discipline Committee.


Club Pass Players:

  • Must be registered to a travel team, or be a registered recreational player, with the same club for which they are club-pass playing.
  • If from another ODSL or recreational team within the club, must be age appropriate for the team and may play up in age, but not down in age.
  • Club-pass players are allowed to play up no more than two age groups in the U9-U13 age group.  A player who is rostered to an older team, but by ODSL club pass rules qualifies to play with a team, may play as a club pass player.  A player must be 8 years old to play in the ODSL.                                                                                                                                            
  • Must possess a properly validated US Youth Soccer Travel Player Pass or a US Youth Recreational Player Pass signed by a club official other than the team coach who has validated their age by viewing an appropriate document. A player pass from any entity other than US Youth Soccer is not acceptable.


ODSL Club Rep Responsibility:

  • The ODSL Club Rep for the team must sign the club pass form in advance of the game verifying that the club pass player(s) being used is of an appropriate competitive level for this team or, the player is being used in a try-out situation for this team, or to replace an injured player, or to supplement a deficient roster.  This player is not being used to improve the strength of this team or improve their standing. In lieu of a signature, the team may attach an email to the form from the club rep, dated no more than five days prior to the match, stating their agreement to the use of the club pass player(s).


Number of guest players allowed:

  • Club pass players are limited to a maximum of three players for any one game, in all age groups.
  • The number of players on the game day roster may not exceed the maximum number of players allowed on the roster of a specific age group. 


Game Day Procedures:  On game day, the club-pass players must have their official current year US Youth Soccer Player or Recreational Pass, and this is to be presented to the referee prior to the game, at the time of the standard player pass/roster check. All club-pass players are to be displayed on the ODSL Referee Report Card and clearly noted as club-pass players by placing an asterisk (*) next to their name.

Advice to Managers:  If your opponent is utilizing a club pass player, the manager is encouraged to carefully scrutinize the opposing team’s Club Pass Player Game Day Form, player passes, roster, and game day green card prior to the match. If potential violations of the club pass rule are noted, they should be brought to the attention of the opposing team manager and referee prior to the start of the match.  The manager hosting the club pass players should make a second copy of the form for themselves and have the opposing manager sign the form on game day, in essence acknowledging that they received the form.


Yellow and Red Cards:  

  • All yellow and red cards issued to a club-pass player count towards the team total of the team they are playing for at the time the card is issued. Any player with an un-served sit-out(s) in any league is not eligible to play in an ODSL match until the sit-out(s) have been served.
  • Any ODSL players, playing as a club-pass player for another team in a league match, and ejected from the match, must serve a sit-out in their next ODSL match for the team they are rostered to.


By signing the Club Pass Player Game Day Form, the player is acknowledging that she/he is aware that they may only play in one ODSL match per day as a club pass player.  For example, if the player is playing for their own ODSL team, then they may club-pass play with only one other ODSL team that same day. Players from another travel league may only club-pass play in one ODSL game per day.

Violations may result in forfeiture of the game by the offending team, loss of the ability to use club pass players for a number of games (as determined by the R&D Chair), and a 2-game suspension of the coach.  Multiple violations from teams within a club may result in club-wide sanctions. 

Updated JaN 1, 2017