Congratulations to the Winners of the Fall 2016 Randy Rawls Sportsmanship Awards!

The ODSL Board has released the results of the voting for the Fall 2016 Randy Rawls Sportsmanship Awards. Congratulations to all the winners of this prestigious award! Each of these teams will receive an amazing team trophy and individual player awards. In addition, boys teams will receive tickets to a DC United match and girls teams will receive tickets to a Washington Spirit match.  Individual player awards will be shipped to the team's primary contact in late February and the team trophy will be presented at the professional match where teams will be honored on the field at halftime.  To see a complete list of winners 

Randy Rawls Sportsmanship Award Winners Fall 2016

Boys                                                                      Girls

U9 Jefferson VYS "08B Silver U9 Calypso  ARL 08G Gold
U10 Div 1 WIN Winchester United U10 Div 1 VSA 07G Academy Kreiger
U10 Div 2 GRFL 07 Verona U10 Div 2 CYA 07G Black
U11 Div 1 ALEX 06 Black U11 Div 1 BRYC Fireballs
U11 Div 2 ALEX 06 Silver U11 Div 2 TCSC Freedom
U11 Div 3 SCSL Trail Blazers U12 Div 1 ALEX 05 Black
U12 Div 1 LSA La Plata Power Red U12 Div 2 FRSA ROX 05G White
U12 Div 2 BAC Fusion White U13 Div 1 FRED '04 White
U12 Div 3 TCSC 05B Impact Blue U13 Div 2 LOUD 04G Gray
U13 Div 1 CHAN Force U14 Div 1 STAF Revolution 03G White
U13 Div 2 DFC Western Loudoun United U14 Div 2 CHAN Spirit 03 Blue
U13 Div 3 WIN United 04B Blue U15 Div 1 MONU Flames 2002
U14 Div 1 TCSC Thunder U16-17 Div 1 BRYC Lightning
U15-16 Div 1 SCSL Storm High School Division REST Blaze
High School Division BRYC Elite 00 Blue Raiders