Feb 2004 BOD Minutes



ODSL Monthly Meeting Minutes

February 8, 2004


Brought to Order 7:30 pm/Adjourned 9:30pm


Members in Attendance:

President Gary Brindle

Vice President Wilson Gilbert

Treasurer Debbie Cervantes

Secretary Paul OConnell

Registrar Lisa Wilson

Administrator Dave Milne

Girls Commissioner Bob Gray

Boys Commissioner John Findlay



Minutes of Prior Meeting:

Minutes from January 2004 were read and approved with the following changes: 1) add unanimous to votes on the age group sizes; 2) Update Treasurer balance to $207,000




  • Copies of the budget were distributed for review and comment.  The format of the budget will be updated for consistency with prior periods.



  • Registration is coming along smoothly.  The league should have approximately 325 to 330 teams when registration is complete.
  • Boys and Girls commissioners should review the drop list before finalizing division structures.
  • One soccer team attempted to register under a name that some considered inappropriate.  The team was contacted and they will change the name.
  • Sportsmanship award winners information has been sent to the trophy vendor.
  • Approached Demosphere with request for referee module.
  • Boys and Girls division structures needed for boys and girls by next week for scheduling.
  • Agreed to share storage shed space with VSA.  VSA/ODSL will share the costs.



  • VYSA will require all player passes to be laminated beginning in the fall.
  • VYSA will require all member leagues to assign team numbers using a structure that includes league, club, and birth year codes to aid in team identification.  Lisa will report a list of questions back to the VYSA State Registrar.


Vice President:

  • Pro-Excel is interested in conducting more clinics in addition to the two make-ups from last season.  It was agreed to look at 3 more clinics.
  • Recommend spacing the clinics out on alternating weekends to provide additional flexibility in rescheduling.


Boys Commissioner:

  • Division structures are complete, but will review adds / drops before finalizing.


Girls Commissioner:  

  • Division structures are complete, but will review adds / drops before finalizing.



  • Repeat sportsmanship award winners were given tickets to DC United games last season.  A motion was made and passed to continue this season.
  • DC United has agreed to sell exactly as many tickets as needed rather than selling blocks of tickets.




Premier AC

  • Premier AC applied for membership in ODSL at the January meeting.  The vote was tabled until the club could provide additional information.  Since that meeting, the club provided the following:
    • Approval by VYSA as a member club
    • Memo from Fairfax County assigning the Timberland Elementary School for home games
    • Confirmation of a certified referee assignor responsible for their games
  • Motion was made to accept Premier AC as a conditional member for the spring season, subject to a vote of the full ODSL membership for full membership after the spring season.


Warrenton Soccer Top Soccer Program

  • The president of Warrenton soccer requested assistance with the purchase of equipment and uniforms for their Top Soccer program.
  • The league will request additional information about the exact nature of the assistance needed.
  • A motion was made and approved to table a vote on this request until more information is collected.


Recruiting Policy


Member Top 5

  • A discussion was made of the top 5 issues facing the leage as voted on by members at the January meeting.
    • Quality of officiating
    • Level of Competition
      • Boys and girls commissioners are attempting to avoid creating unbalanced divisions by considering requests for higher placement from teams returning to ODSL from other leagues.
      • Commissioners are examining prior season records, results from last ODSL seasons, and other sources of information to assist in proper placement of teams
    • Field Availability
      • This continues to be a problem for most member clubs.
      • Fairfax and Loudoun counties are considering assigning fields to clubs to create a pride of ownership and encourage long-range planning and field development by clubs.
    • Coachs training
      • VYSA technical director sites the number of F, E, and D courses but notes that the courses do not fill up.
      • For the April meeting, league will discuss need for clubs to sponsor courses with the members.
    • Recruiting Policy
      • Feedback on the recruiting policy recently circulated has been running about even pro and con.
      • A summary of the feedback will be circulated in advance of the next meeting.




Ashburn Soccer Club [ASC] request for assistance with field development

  • ASC is improving existing fields and constructing new small side and full side fields on property owned by George Washington University in conjunction with Loudoun County Parks and Recreation.
  • The club has asked the league for a grant to help them reach their first funding goal
  • ODSL tabled a vote on this request until more information is available




Next Monthly Scheduled Board Meeting:

March 11th, 7:30 pm