Two Ways to Print Roster Labels for Your Game Report Cards



Type the information (name, jersey #) using a small font.

Print the information. 

Cut it out and glue it to the game card or label.

    B.      Through the Youth Leagues website
          a.       Log onto YouthLeagues and go to “Team” view 
          b.      Click on the “Print Game Day Roster” 
          c.       Click on “Select All” to select all the players
          d.      Click on “Print Selected Lineup” 
          e.      Highlight just the information in the grid for jersey #, Player name, 
           f.        Open Microsoft Word.  Click on Tools Letters and Mailings -> Envelopes & Labels, or Mailings -> Labels (depending on your version of Word) 
          g.       You can delete the column for Pass# if you want.  Can also leave it on. 
          h.      Click on Options to select the size of label.  Select Avery 8164.  Click on OK. 
          i.         Click on New Document. 
          j.        Place the cursor inside one of the squares, and select Paste.  Paste the information in each of the boxes. 
          k.       Print!



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