May Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 7:50 PM, 5/8/03
In attendance:  Gary Brindle, Lou VanKahle; Bob Gray; Cheryl Brindle; Dave Milne
Minutes of previous meeting read and approved.
Treasurer's Report
Fees for 98 new players submitted to VYSA since last month.
Budget process under construction for AGM.  Budget will be based upon 300 teams for the Fall season.  Because of the increase in teams last Fall and this Spring the league has exceeded budget estimates in most areas.
A motion was made and passed to purchase an advertisement in the program of the Bull Run Challenge tournament.
Administrator Report
Large volume of matches to be rescheduled but most are going smoothly.  Help is solicited for the ODSL Tailgate event prior to the May 17 professional soccer matches.  Over 900 tickets have been sold to ODSL teams, so the administrator will prepare with an appropriate number of sodas and hotdogs.
The Board was asked to consider match 1083 in which a home team declared that they would be forced to forfeit because of a lack of players.  The opposing team was notified.  On the day that it was to be played matches were rained out.  The Home Team then wanted to reschedule the match.  After two weeks the Administrator rescheduled the match before the Board had the opportunity to consider the matter. It was the decision of the Board that the team that was to receive the benefit of the forfeit was free to determine if they wanted to play the match or claim a forfeit win.  Whatever they decided the administrator would honor. 
The administrator pointed out to the Board that ODSL Referee fees have lagged behind those of the other travel programs for two seasons now.  A motion was made and passed to incease referee fees starting with the Fall season by $3.00 per center referee and $1.00 per assistant referee on each level of matches.
Another motion was made and passed to fund these increases with a league fee increase.  Fees starting with the Fall season will be U9 teams: $390.00  U10 teams: $430.00  U11 and older teams: $550.00
Girls Commissioner's Report
A recruiting violation has been filed by an ASC team against the coach of a U9 STER team.  Matter was referred to the conduct committee.
It was pointed out that the language on such violations does not agree in the ODSL Registration Manual and the ODSL Operating Procedures.  It was determined that the Registration Manual had the proper wording. The administrator will look into the matter.
The Board was asked to consider a forfeit of Match 1080.  Less than seven carded players showed following a 15 min grace period. A forfeit was declared in favor of the VSA team 1-0.  The President and Treasurer excluded themselves from the vote.
The Board asked the administrator to include in a league wide email a reminder to teams to make the pre-week call.  Several complaints have been filed about a lack of calls.
A question was raised about the quality of officiating at matches.  Bob recently had a couple of bad experiences.  Disscussion ensued.  Dave indicated that the reports coming in have not indicated a level above a normal season and that referee bonus cards with recommendations are coming in a a greater rate than past seasons.
A question was raised about the practice of putting all teams coming to the ODSL from other leagues into the lowest division.  As in the past the matter will be left ot the discretion of the competition committees who will consider reasonable arguements from teams.
President's Report
The player and coach development clinic for May 31 has been cancelled due to changing committments of the provider based upon weather.  Sites will be sought for the 6/7 and 6/14 clinics.  AJ from ProExcel will communicate with the administrator.
The Board discussed expanded criteria for the awarding of FIFA fairplay team tickets under the Sportsman awards.  Voting will be tallied early after the end of the season to determine how many slots will be left.
Gary asked for a status report on the approved loan that was extended to the ASC club for goal purchases.  No money has been forwarded to the club from ODSL as of yet.
The administrator was asked to put something on the website concerning the new ODSL logo shirts, so that teams could acquire them.
A tee-shirt design was approved by the Board that is to be given to all Div 1 champion teams in U10 and above.  Gary will coordinate sizes with Bob who is responsible for acquiring the shirts.  They will be placed with the trophies in the trophy locker for distribution to the teams.
There have been requests from several new clubs to become a sponsoring club to the ODSL.  Gary will communicate with the clubs and have them prepare their information to be voted on at the General Membership Meeting.
Preliminary reponsiblities were discussed for the AGM.  Gary will find volunteers for the nominating committee.  Dave will arrange for the meeting room at the Holiday Inn in Manassas.
The meeting was adjourned at 9:50 PM.  The next meeting will be 6/12/03