1.  STANDING COMMITTEES.  The President shall appoint with approval of the Board of Directors each year standing and special committees to advance the work of the League in such matters as rules of competition, discipline, scheduling, publicity, membership, and other areas which may be well served by committees.  The standing committees will include:


a.  Appeals Committee.

b.  Competition Committee.

c.  Rules & Discipline Committee

d.  Membership Committee

e.  Ad Hoc Committees


2.  APPOINTMENTS OF CHAIRPERSONS.  Such committees shall be subject to the final authority of the Board.  The Chairperson of any committee shall be named by the President.




1.  Rules and Discipline Committee.


            a.  Upon receipt from the referee Coordinator of an Official Game form and/or referee report arising from actions taken by a referee under Laws V and XII concerning undesirable behavior, or any other report of violations of League policy and procedures, the Chairman of the R & D Committee shall review the record of offenses set out therein.  He shall also, if he deems it necessary, communicate with witnesses, including referees, to obtain any information they may possess.  The Chair will then issue a ruling on the matter being considered and may at that time issue a directive or institute a penalty if deemed to be appropriate.


              b.  Decisions of the R & D Committee Chair may be appealed to the Appeals Committee.




            a.  The Appeals Committee shall consider and adjudicate cases which are presented to it by appeal of a decision of the R&D Chair or Conduct Committee.


            b.  The Appeals Committee shall consider and adjudicate cases presented to it by a member alleging violations of the Laws of the Game or ODSL Operating Procedures.


            c.  All decisions of the Appeals Committee shall be by majority vote in writing.


             d.  Within seven (7) days of receiving written notice of a Conduct Committee decision or the scheduled play of a game, the appealing party’s club rep must send, by email, to the Vice-President his/her written appeal and post mark a check for $100.00 the same day payable to ODSL and sent to PO Box 825, Gainesville, VA 20156. If the appeal is upheld, the $100.00 will be refunded.  If the appeal is not upheld, the $100.00 shall be forfeited.  If in the case of a challenge to a match outcome, the committee finds in reviewing the case that it is based solely on questioning of a referee’s judgment calls, the committee can refuse to hear the case and return the appeal fee to the team.


            e.  The Appeals Committee shall meet within fourteen (14) days of receipt of an appeal and will hear the case of the appealing party, report of the Chairman of the Conduct Committee and if desired, witnesses.


            f.  The decision of the Appeals Committee is final. 


3.  COMPETITION COMMITTEE.  All division structure and team entry procedures shall fall under the jurisdiction of the Competition Committee.  The Committee shall meet as necessary to formulate recommendations to the Board of Directors concerning structure of age divisions, modification of the Laws of the Game, recommendations concerning changes or adjustments to the League’s policies, and procedures to promote the level of competitive play within the ODSL.  All teams, returning and new, apply for entry into the League each season.


            a.  The Competition Committee will evaluate applications and consider teams for inclusion in the coming season of play based on the birth year of the team, the team’s strength, and number of teams of similar strength in the ODSL.  Teams returning without a break in seasons of play will be given priority.  New applicants and previous teams re-applying after a break in seasons of play will be considered equally.


            b.  Following the July and January meetings, the Competition Committee shall meet to formulate recommendations to the Board of Directors for acceptance of teams and to determine the structure of each Division for the next season of play.  The Competition Committee’s recommendations of acceptance of teams shall be presented for approval at the August and February Board of Directors meetings.


            c.  In cases where a team withdraws from League play after the August or February Board of Directors meetings, the Competition Committee may act to fill the vacancy, if a suitable new entry is found, or make adjustments as necessary to the structure of the divisions.


            d.  For Fall play, each Member Representative shall submit to the Competition Committee no later than August 1, and for Spring play no later than February 1, directions to the field(s) of play, listings of all coaches, assistant coaches and team managers (including addresses and telephone numbers), uniform colors and any special scheduling requests.


e.    End of Season Competitions.  The Board of Directors reserves the right to consider each season individually.


f.     Any team attempting to roster for a particular age group in the ODSL must have a minimum of 40% of it’s players true to that age group.  A waiver of this rule can be requested by a team participating in a combined age group (i.e. U16 and U17) The league registrar must be notified when requesting a waiver.


g.    Any team attempting to register as a boys team in the ODSL must have a minimum of 40% of its players true to that gender. Any team attempting to register as a girls team must have 100% of their players true to that gender.


4.  MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE.  The Membership Committee will exercise those duties described in MEMBERSHIP.