Official Team Numbers for Teams New to ODSL

Teams new to ODSL for 2017 have been assigned an Official ODSL Team Number.  You will need this number when registering your team with VYSA or your state organization.  To find your assigned number click the Read More Button

 Official Team Numbers for Teams New to ODSL Fall 2017

ABGC United 03G OD03128G Under 15 Girls
ABGC United 09B OD0900B Under 9 Boys
ABGC United 09G OD0912G Under 9 Girls
ABGC United Black 06 OD0659B Under 12 Boys
ALEX 08 Girls Blue OD0835G Under 10 Girls
ALEX 09 Boys Black OD0901B Under 9 Boys
ALEX 09 Boys Silver OD0909B Under 9 Boys
ALEX 09 Girls Blue OD0913G Under 9 Girls
ARL 09B Gold OD0902B Under 9 Boys
ARL 09B Silver OD0910B Under 9 Boys
ARL 09G Gold OD0914G Under 9 Girls
ARL 09G Silver OD0915G Under 9 Girls
BRYC 08G Spirit ODSL OD0836G Under 10 Girls
BRYC Bulldogs OD0660B Under 12 Boys
BRYC Dragons OD0903B Under 9 Boys
BRYC Lightning Bolts OD0916G Under 9 Girls
BRYC Shooting Stars OD0920G Under 9 Girls
BRYC Phoenix OD0735G Under 11 Girls
BRYC Promise OD0595G Under 13 Girls
BRYC Tornados OD0665G Under 12 Girls
CFC 03G Soth OD03129G Under 15 Girls
CFC 06G White OD0666G Under 12 Girls
CFC 08B Red OD0832B Under 10 Boys
CFC 08G White OD0837G Under 10 Girls
CFC 09B White OD0904B Under 9 Boys
CHAN United 01 OD01156B Under 17 Boys
CULP CSC Comets 04B OD04116B Under 14 Boys
CULP CSC Comets 06G OD0667G Under 12 Girls
CULP CSC Comets 07G OD0736G Under 11 Girls
CULP CSC Comets 08B OD0827B Under 10 Boys
CVFC Silver OD0731B Under 11 Boys
CYA 08 White OD0833B Under 10 Boys
CYA 08B Black OD0834B Under 10 Boys
CYA 08G Black OD0838G Under 10 Girls
CYA 09B Black OD0905B Under 9 Boys
CYC Cougars 04G OD04119G Under 14 Girls
EPIC Blue OD04120G Under 14 Girls
FFC 01 Boys Red OD01157B Under 17 Boys
FFC 99 Boys Red OD99143B Under 19 Boys
FCV Elite OD0921B Under 9 Boys
FRED 04 Royal II OD04121G Under 14 Girls
FSCI Academy FC United OD01158B Under 17 Boys
FSCI Vasquez Academy 06 OD0661B Under 12 Boys
GSC 03 Girls OD03130G Under 15 Girls
GSC 07 Boys OD0732B Under 11 Boys
GSC 08 Girls OD0839G Under 10 Girls
GSC 09 Boys OD0906B Under 9 Boys
GSC U10 Boys Black OD0828B Under 10 Boys
HCFC Harrisonburg City F.C. 08 OD0842B Under 10 Boys
HCFC Harrisonburg City F.C. 07G OD0740G Under 11 Girls
LFC Schalke 07 OD0733B Under 11 Boys
LFC Thunder OD0840G Under 10 Girls
LOUD 06G Gray OD0668G Under 12 Girls
LOUD 07G Gray OD0737G Under 11 Girls
LOUD 09B Gray OD0907B Under 9 Boys
LOUD 09G Gray OD0917G Under 9 Girls
MSC Lions 02 OD02145B Under 16 Boys
MSC Lions 08 Black OD0829B Under 10 Boys
PAC Elite 06 Gold OD0662B Under 12 Boys
PWSI Courage Boys 2001 Pride OD01159B Under 17 Boys
PWSI Courage Boys 2004 Classic OD04117B Under 14 Boys
PWSI Courage Boys 2004 Pride OD04122B Under 14 Boys
PWSI Courage Boys 2005 Classic OD0594B Under 13 Boys
PWSI Courage Boys 2008 Pride OD0830B Under 10 Boys
PWSI Courage Girls 2002 Pride OD02146G Under 16 Girls
PWSI Courage Girls 2004 Classic OD04123G Under 14 Girls
PWSI Courage Girls 2007 Pride OD0738G Under 11 Girls
PWSI Courage Girls 2008 Pride OD0841G Under 10 Girls
RWFC Barrio Boys Elite 06 OD0669B Under 12 Boys
RWFC Barrio Boys Elite 09 OD0919B Under 9 Boys
RWFC Gremio USA OD0663B Under 12 Boys
SCSL Gladiators OD0831B Under 10 Boys
SCSL Lightning OD0596G Under 13 Girls
STAF Revolution 06B White OD0664B Under 12 Boys
SYA Wolves OD04124G Under 14 Girls
TAFC 07 Freedom OD0739G Under 11 Girls
TAFC Team America 2004 Revolution OD04118B Under 14 Boys
TCSC Force Blue OD0734B Under 11 Boys
TCSC Spirit Blue OD0597G Under 13 Girls
VSA 09B Jr Academy Pogba OD0908B Under 9 Boys
VSA 09B Jr Academy Ronaldo OD0911B Under 9 Boys
VSA 09G Jr Academy Pugh OD0918G Under 9 Girls